Chelsea Jones: Goes from small town writer to owning a multi-million-dollar company

 SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Oct. 20, 2016)- After giving birth to twins in January 2009, Chelsea Jones, 32, decided to quit her job to start a company that sold workout clothes and accessories in monthly box subscriptions. Her goal was to create and deliver stylish and affordable workout clothes to women who didn’t have the time to go out and buy it themselves.

The idea for Aero-Box bloomed after Jones gained 30 pounds during her pregnancy with twins Colby and Jax. Always having been active herself, Jones ran into a problem after realizing none of her old workout clothes fit. Between the responsibility of caring for two newborns and going back to work as a writer, she simply did not have the time to go buy new workout clothes.

Taking the advice of her sister, she researched companies that delivered monthly boxes of workout clothes right to your door. The result, she found, was that these companies tailored their products to women who were already shape.

“My eyes were opened to something I never noticed before. Which is, if I wanted stylish and reasonably priced workout clothes then I needed to be below a size 12,” said Jones.

Instead of seeing this as a road block, Jones saw it as an opportunity. She immediately began to ask women at her local gym what they wanted from retail companies specializing in workout apparel. The answers Jones got was one that was similar to the one she had herself. Cute, affordable and environmentally friendly products.

Starting out locally, she began designing workout clothes for the women in her gym and would deliver the packages personally.

“Each package was so personalized, it felt like receiving a birthday or Christmas gift once a month” said Molly Sherman, one of Aero-Box’s first customers. “Anytime I would go somewhere wearing clothes from my Aero-Box, I would always get stopped and asked what brand it was or where I bought it from.”

Over the years, Aero-Box has grown into a multi-million-dollar company. In 2012, the company expanded their operations into Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Asia. Forbes listed Aero-Box as one of the fastest growing companies in 2015.

As the company continues to grow, Jones pushes her creative team to focus on innovation. In January 2017, Aero-Box will release their first ever line of shoes called FootPrint. The line features different styles that are specific to certain workouts and is available to premium and deluxe subscribers.

What once began as a small town hobby, has now revolutionized the world of fitness apparel. As facts have shown, Aero-Box is a forced to be reckoned with. Jones says that the company is here to stay and will continue to challenge the norm in the retail industry.


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