News Release

New “FootPrint” shoe line from Aero-Box launches early 2017

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Sept. 12, 2016)– Aero-Box announced that their first shoe line called FootPrint will be added to their product line starting January 2017. The line includes shoes that are specific to certain workouts, such as running and track, yoga, barre and cycling.

Since Aero-Box focuses and strives to be environmentally conscious, all the shoes in the FootPrint line are made from recycled material.

Before designing the FootPrint line, Aero-Box met with professional athletes in each field to gather insight about what they considered to be a good quality and high performance shoe. Each shoe type has different design style options to choose from.

“While comfort, style and being eco-friendly were top priorities when creating the FootPrint line, we also made it our mission to really understand what athletes in different branches of fitness were looking for in a high performance shoe,” said Chelsea Jones, CEO and founder of Aero-Box.

For now, customers who sign-up for the premium and deluxe packages are subject to receive the FootPrint line in their monthly Aero-Box. Prior to the release, an email will be sent to these customers asking which style and colors they favor.

The eco-friendly line becomes available starting May 2017 online at


About Aero-Box

Founded in 2012 by Chelsea Jones, Aero-Box creates chic and sporty active wear for woman of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are into lifting, yoga, running or a combination of it all, Aero-Box’s purpose is to take the stress out of shopping for workout clothes. Trained professionals hand-pick items based on a personal survey that is filled out prior to signing up. Since Aero-Box aims to be environmentally conscious, all their merchandise is made in the United States from all natural material.

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