On Nov. 6 at the Kathryn Lee event center, Aero-Box hosted a reveal party for their first athletic shoe line, FootPrint. At the event, each shoe was individually displayed and featured by a professional athlete who answered any questions regarding that particular shoe. Each of the athlete hosts highlighted the material the shoe was made from, where it was made and how the shoe was exemplary in its sport.

The purpose of the event was to promote and give exposure to the upcoming shoe line. By doing so, the goal for the organization was to get as many media outlets publishing material about FootPrint in order to have consumers pre-order the line.

The week after the event, these media outlets and publications covered the event and featured the Footprint line,

  • Shape
  • Women’s Health
  • InStyle
  • Seventeen.

During the event, attendees were given the opportunity to pre-order FootPrint. Official pre-ordering in North American, Europe and Asia began the day after the event on Nov. 7. Pre-order sales during the first week reached a total of $304,789, surpassing the goal of $250,000.

Donations were also taken for The Child Labor Coalition, a nonprofit organization that focuses on spreading awareness and eliminating child labor around the world. Aero-Box raised over $20,000 for the nonprofit organization and plans of giving half of their profit during the first week of pre-order sales.

In addition, attendance for the event was by invitation only. Six months before the event, Aero-Box delivered roughly 400 invitations to celebrities, athletes, donors, media publications and long-time Aero-Box customers. Of the 400 invitations sent, the total head-count during the event was 367 guests.

Due to the success of the reveal party, we recommend that Aero-Box continue hosting events like such. For more information on how to host large scale events, please contact Jude Smith with Santa Monica Event Planning at

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